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The Education Office in Warsaw

About Office

The Education Office in Warsaw exercises pedagogical supervision in school term 2015/2016 over 6700 schools and educational institutions in the Mazovian Province, including 1667 primary schools, 946 lower secondary schools (gimnazja) and 1217 upper secondary schools.

Over 720 thousands students, taught by 50 thousands teachers, (data from the year 2015) attend schools in the Mazovian Province.

The Education Office has five branches in: Ciechanów, Ostrołęka, Płock, Radom and Siedlce. It has a total of about 281 employees. The Authority is the state budgetary unit - an organizational unit of public administration in the Mazovian Province. Apart from pedagogical supervision, the Education Superintendent is also responsible for the following tasks:

  • assistance to principals of public schools and institutions in the quality assurance, diagnosis and evaluation of teaching process as well as educational and protective functions of schools
  • support of the professional development of teachers, including teacher career advancement
  • cooperation with authorities, organizations and other entities in the field of youth development
  • approval of winter and summer holidays for children form the Mazovian Province
  • assistance in popularizing achievements and accomplishments of schools, institutions, pupils and teachers



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